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If you choose to experience cannabis, you will quickly understand why we, the founders and friends, have a passion for it and its broad range of benefits. We started to discuss the idea and legalities of what it would take to create an inclusive, safe environment to house cannabis in a social setting. There were brooding trials and tribulations, but we’ll spare you those details.

Like many of you, we have struggled with the legalization of what brought us together in the first place: cannabis. It was apparent to all of us that our efforts would accommodate a growing community while maintaining our local and cozy vision. For us, this meant extending past our core group to connect with cannabis consumers from all over the country.

Even after opening day, our duties to restore and renovate the building continue, but we persevere to ensure the comfort and safety of our patrons and members Our retail store is open regularly and we carefully curate and host a variety of 21+ events, supporting local artists and artisans, to bring cannabis lovers together. Whether you are passing through the city or found your forever home in Charlottesville, Virginia, The Hidden Leaf will continue to provide a safe haven for all of us. We look forward to welcoming you with open arms in a friendly and hidden place, where you are seen and known.

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